Here are the basic directions for planning and installing your FreedomRail system!


Planning Guidelines:


Horizontal Rails: The primary support component of the system and the basis for a lifetime of storage freedom!

  • Measure wall and subtract 1" to establish rail length.
  • You may combine smaller size rails, or you may trim a long rail (use a hacksaw) to fit your measurement.
  • Superior Anchor System means there is no need to measure or align with stud locations.

Mounting Hardware: Superior Anchor system - no need to locate studs.

  • The rail is installed using screws and anchors every 8".
  • Each hardware package provides 6 screws and anchors.
  • Match rail mounting holes with number of screws and anchors. 24" rail = 3 holes, 40" rail = 5 holes, 64" rail = 8 holes, 80" rail = 10 holes.

Uprights: Slotted channels provide the key to adjust-ability options.

  • Long Uprights (78" or 90") provide the greatest storage capacity, adjust-ability, and future expansion options.
  • Shorter Uprights are for more specific uses.
  • 30" Uprights support long-hanging garments.
  • 48" Uprights support two rows of short hanging garments.
  • 78" or 90" Uprights support any type of hanging or shelving needs.

Shelving: Several styles for easy customized solutions.

  • Heavy duty Ventilated Shelving with lifetime epoxy coating, in 12" or 16" depths.
  • 14" deep Melamine shelving for a custom-closet appeal.
  • All shelving comes in a variety of pre-cut lengths to simplify closet planning.


Installation Guideline

The Rail: "Step one, You're almost done!"

  • Measure up 84" from the floor. Use a level to draw a level line at this height.
  • Place the rail on the wall so this line is visible through the mounting holes. Circle each mounting hole along the level line. No need to align holes with studs.
  • Drill each mounting hole with a 5/16" drill bit.
  • If you do hit a stud, you may use a smaller 5/32" pilot hole with the screw (no anchor required).
  • Insert anchors into 5/16" holes. Do not twist or turn anchors.
  • Place rail over anchors. Hand-tighten screws.
  • Using a drill, tighten each screw. IMPORTANT: Allow screw to turn 6-8 full rotations after it is flush to the rail so the anchor tightens into a ball behind the drywall.
  • Place cover stickers over each screw head.

Uprights and Brackets

  • Insert Uprights onto the rail at appropriate spacing intervals - this is 30 inches for garage applications).
  • Insert brackets into Uprights at appropriate shelf heights (refer to planning guidelines).

Shelving (Ventilated)

  • Lay shelf onto brackets with center shelf rod positioned atop center bracket notch. (1)
  • Push down on center shelf rod. Then lift the front edge and slide the shelf back. (2)
  • Shelves may be cut to fit exact measurements using a hacksaw; apply end caps to edges.


  • Uprights are spaced 30" apart for GO-units. Insert the GO-Box bracket into the inside slot of each Upright.
  • If installing a stack of GO-Boxes, install the bottom GO-Box first.
  • If installing GO-Boxes side-by-side, each GO-Box will have its own set of Uprights.


Question: Is it necessary to anchor the Hanging Rail to studs?


No, it is not necessary to mount the Rail to studs. The Rail provides maximum system strength when attached to drywall using our heavy-duty spiraling anchors. However, if a stud-mount application is preferred, you may follow these helpful hints:

1. With an eight foot ceiling, push the Hanging Rail to the ceiling and mount the Rail to the sill plate using a 5/32" pilot hole and the screws provided. (Use 90” Uprights.)

2. At any other height, locate and mark wall studs, then align the holes in the Hanging Rail over the studs. Secure Rail every 16" using a 5/32" pilot hole and the screws provided.

Question: Can I use other types of SCHULTE ventilated shelving with freedomRail?


Absolutely! Although our conventional shelving is not available in as many pre-cut sizes, any of SCHULTE’s shelves will work with freedomRail.

Question: How strong is the freedomRail system?


freedomRail is designed for a lifetime of rugged use. All components are made from heavy-duty steel which is coated with a non-stick epoxy coating.

When uprights are spaced 36 inches apart, the Profile shelf supports 50 pounds per lineal foot, or 150 pounds on a 3 foot shelf. For extra heavy applications, place uprights 24 inches apart to support 100 pounds per lineal foot, or 300 pounds on a 3 foot shelf.

In addition, the superior spiraling design of the freedomRail anchors means that you do not need to mount the system into studs to achieve maximum system strength. (If you prefer mounting into studs, use the freedomRail screws without anchors.)

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